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How to setup lead generation campaign on facebook advertising.promote your business and services very easy.


How to setup lead generation campaign on facebook advertising.promote your business and services very easy.

How to setup lead generation campaign on facebook 

Today's post we will learn about facebook lead generation ads.

Facebook lead generation ads basically schools,colleges,Institutes and other online, offline service providers runFacebook catalogue collection ads. at a aparticular time period.

What is lead generation ads.

When you collect the phone number,email of your visitors through your ads,these called lead generation ads.A form is added to the lead generation ad campaign, which information you want to need your visitors. this form fill by those person who are intrested in your product or service.
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How to create lead ads on facebook.

  • Go to facebook ads manager dashboard.
  • Click on create new ad.
  • Set objective lead generation.
  • Campaign name.
  • Set daily budget.
  • Click on continues.

Lead generation ads
  • New page will open.
  • Ads name fill again.
  • Now set your audience.you can create new Audience and another option is go with saved Audience. it means target which typs of people who mach with your product or service. Example -if you have a offline Istitute in your city.then target your city Audience.
  •  Set Age group your Audience.
  • Set country or city.its depends upon your product or service. Example- engineering colleges target india. smal Institute target city
Ttarget india

Set target area radiant

Pparticular area target

  • Select where you want to show your ads.there is two option here.Automatically facebook place ads anywhere and second manual. where you want like facebook, Instagram and much more dhowing area.you can choose here.
Where you want to showing ads.
  • Now target target Audience. and save.
Target Audience

For Example-you want to sell book then your Audience will be readers and writer.
  • Now create ad.video is a good option for lead generation ads. You can make a professional video ,People click on the video ad more. If there are no videos, you can also use a attractive banner.
  • Create form for lead.make a small form. when people click on your ad form will apear .if people whould like they fill form and you get lead.you can use these email and phone numbers for email marketing and retarget your Audience.
So you can create lead generation ads on facebook like this.

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