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Are you going to start facebook advertising.brand awareness VS Reach.understand facebook campaign dashboard.


Are you going to start facebook advertising.brand awareness VS Reach.understand facebook campaign dashboard.

Are you going to start facebook advertising.brand awareness VS Reach.understand facebook campaign dashboard.
Are you going to start facebook advertising for your affiliate business/digital marketing growth then you must read this post.because facebook has huge accurate data of their users who spreaed all over the world.
Millions of people connect with facebook every day.and the numbers of people who are doing business on facebook are also very hight.facebook access to every small house from big metro city,small village to town.hrer we are discuss this data because we are going to start facebook advertising.if you are doing Affiliate marketing ? Or run any other business ? You have a shop or website. you searv any important searvic and want to promote through facebook advertising. then you should know step by step facebook advertising or else you will waste your time and money.

brand awareness VS Reach.understand facebook campaign dashboard.

It is necessary for you to understand the dashboard for facebook advertising.When you start new facebook campaign,then new window will show front of you. The above of page will show choose your objective. New advertiser could not understand it. especially there is confusion in brand awearness and reach.so now we will understand the entire dashboard So that we can benefit from facebook advertising.

Awareness- consideration- conversion

There are two topics inside the awareness.
1. Brand Awareness
2. Reach

Brand awareness VS  Reach.


What is brand awareness.

Brand awearness means that your ad will be displayed on Facebook to those people who will be interested in that product or service. Facebook will show these ads to those people again and again over a period of time.there are more chances of
canverssion in brand awearness.
When an ad suddenly show front of you, then you will not take that product or service imideatly, but after some time the same product looks at you again, you would have set your mind. Brand awearness is more beneficial compression then reach.

What is Reach.

Facebook will try to make your ad reach as many people as possible. This ad will be visible to a person only onetime. If your canversion happens that's grate. same person will not see ad again. the main purpose of facebook in this type of ad is to make your reach as many people as possible, whether it is intrested in your product or not. this typs of ad is best for website promotion.

There are 6 topics inside the Consideration.



Choosing traffic means that you want to send your aoudiance to your website, page or app.
If you have an affiliate website then choose traffic. Your website ranking will increase in Google.


Engagement means that the audience came to your website or page and who bought product or commented, liked,shared a post, it is called engagement.

App instals.

app instals objective You will choose ,when you are run advertising for get the app installetion.
The purpose of advertising is to benefit. so that is very important to choose the right objective while creating ads.

Video views.

If you have a you tube channel and you want to get views on its video, then you can use video views.
If you use pixels, then you will know how long time your video was watched and thus you can retarget that audience they can also watch other vedio of that series.

Lead Generation.

In the lead generation, you collect email and phone number. Such as adducation providers college, institute, hotel, or companies that provide some kind of service. You can do also email markiting through leads. If your audience has filled the form then it means they are intersted in your service.


If you want to leave a massage from your audience via facebook masanger, then you can use this ad.

There are three topics inside the Conversion .



Means of conversion , there is some kind of activity on your ad. If you have an affiliate site, then someone has purchased a product or filled a form on any website. Instal the app.

Catalogue sales.

In facebook you create a catalogue  Facebook shows the catalogue that aoudianc is intrested in it.You can see how to Create a catalogue by clicking on the link.

Store traffic.

If you do not have a website .you are owner of  Shop or store. and you want to advertise it, then you can choose the option of the shop traffic.

Last word.
I hope you have understood this dashboard of facebook campaign. We will discuss facebook advertising business one by one in articles. facebook marketing is a course. so Keep learning sahajjob.in to learn the whole course.

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