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5 Things That Are Necessary To Stay Healthy.

5 Things That Are Necessary To Stay Healthy.

5 Things That Are Necessary To Stay Healthy

Healty does not mean dieting, nor does health mean gym. People always pay attention to lose weight or focus on increasing weight. Those who are obese will always look worried that "we wish to go thin". Some people also try to be weighloss.They either join the gym. or do dieting, but very few of them are successful.

Other types of people whose body is lean are often found over eating, but despite eating more, they remain lean.does health mean just being fat or thin?

Never friends, if the body, mind, thoughts and behavior are healthy, then only you will come in the count of healthy people.

These 5 things are nassesary for being healthy.
1.Do you appreciate others.

You come in contact with a lot of people throughout the day. Your family, friends, neighbors, office culigs. What makes you happy and praise any of them? Once you are happy and see people praising them. You will make others happy and you will also experience energy.

2. When did you read a good book or listen to music?

Nowadays everyone is so busy with work that they do not get leisure for themselves. Workholik people get irritated. Take 20 minutes a day to read any good book. Listen to the music of your choice.you Will stay stress free. Good books are like good friends who always guide you. If you are happy yourself then only you will make people happy too.

3.walking .

If you are habitual going to come by motorbike or car everyday, then make a habit of walking for 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening. While talking, think about the things that make you happy.

4. Are you drinking 3 glasses of water a day.

 Lack of water spoils your body's digestive system. Your stomach does not get clean. Your blood starts to get messy, causing skin problems and irritable pains. So drink 3 glasses of water a day.

5.Do you have piggy bank .

When we were children, our parents used to give us a piggy bank to deposit money. After we grow up, we forget that piggy bank and the habit of small saving is over. Now deposit some coins daily in piggy bank. Open it after 2 months. donate that money either Give or give a gift to some of your dear ones. You can buy any thing you need for yourself. These little habits can make the mind very happy and calm.

Remember, it is important for both body and mind to be healthy, only then you will be called healthy.
Witer- Seema khanna

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