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Vikram Betal Stories in Hindi: Dream of Dash
On the dark night, King Vikrama goes ahead to catch the baral for his open sword. And by controlling the fierceness with their might, they begin to take over their backs. Due to the length of the journey, the fate declares the story to Vikram and keeps the condition as usual:

If you hear the story after listening to the story, you will fly in the mouth.

The faint story begins to be heard-

There was an old woman in Chandanpura village. He had a son named Dagadu. The woman did her own stomach belt after working sewing clothes. Dabud was a doodle and lazy boy. And used to dream day and night. There was a big problem with Dagadu that he used to come only with bad dreams. And whenever a nightmare came, that dream became reality.

One day Dagdoo dreams that some people are plundering newly married couple and procession. And they are also assaulting them. Dagadu who has seen in the dream The girl who becomes the same bride comes back to the mother of Dagadu to get her mate back after she gets cured. Dabdhu immediately tells her a dream thing. The girl tells this to her mother and in-laws. But everyone understands this dream thing as a hypocrisy and ignores it.

After marriage, when the bride and groom are going with the procession. Then the dreaming incident really happens. And in this whole incident, there are allegations on the Turban that he will be met with the looters or else how can he know that it will be so. And without doubt, all the people beat up a lot of dhudhu.

A few days after this incident, Dagadu dreams to dream that a new house of Chowdhury living in the mohalla is burnt down on the day of the entry. Then on the next day, Chaudharyan, carrying a laddoo in the pleasure of building that house, approaches the mother of Dagadu. And invites you to come to Jalsa on the day of celebration.

At the same time, the darling of dream comes immediately to his mother and Chaudharyan. Choudhuryan becomes angry with red-yellow. And on the contrary, they begin to say to the mother of Dagadu that your son is only a black speaker and by his words, everyone gets annoyed with it. Choudharyan, after listening to a burning fire, the mother goes away from her son by saying good-bye.

Permanent arrangements are made to ensure that there is no incident during the festival. But still somehow the spark of fire takes place in the curtains of Chaudharyan's grand house, and seeing the rowdy form, the whole house is burnt down and burned. Since Dagadu had already spoken about this, so all the black jokes of him were broken by him and he was killed by killing him from the village.

Dabud does not understand why why people get angry by listening to the truth. Well, Dagadu goes to another state, where he gets the job to make the palace guard at night.

The King of that next day, Sonpur has to go by some sort of work. That is why she tells the queen that she should raise her early in the morning.

Dagadu is doing a watch on the door of the palace at night. Then, when he is dark, he sleeps. And then he dreams that there is an earthquake in Sonpur and all the people present there have died. The dash wakes up and starts to wake up.

Dagadu listens to the king's sonpur morning. Only then can his chariot stop and tell the king what his dream is. Raja canceled the program to go to Sonpur. And the next day the news comes that there is a sudden earthquake in Sonpur and there is no survivor left there.

The king immediately called Dabaru in the court and offered a gold necklace and carried him out of his job.


The story stops in the bar from hearing this story. And Raja asks Vikrama that why Raja prays to Dagadu? And given the award, why did he get it from work?

King Vikram replies that ... Dagadu saved the life of the king by observing the story of Amangal Sawpan and gave him the dash to defeat the gold in the prize. And the turban went to sleep during the work, so the king fired him from work.

According to his condition, because of the King Vikram's reply, he got rid of the tree and flew back.

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